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The case for shorter meetings

If productivity is on your New Year’s resolutions list, you’re in luck. Here are some tips on how to make those weekly meetings more efficient.

3 min read

These Gold Foil Business Cards are shining examples

They say all that glitters isn’t gold. But after seeing these customer designs, we beg to differ.

4 min read

4 New Year’s resolutions your brand should make in 2018

New year, new…brand? Here are some resolution ideas so your business can shine even brighter in 2018.

3 min read

How to take everything everywhere: Cloud storage for beginners

Imagine if your useful stuff floated around with you on a pet cloud where you could access it...

3 min read

Why your business should get involved in your community

Companies that do good, do better. Here are some helpful tips to give back to your community.

2 min read