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Creating a powerful brand identity as a freelance designer

Framing a brand to reflect your values while also engaging your customers is a tricky balance to...

3 min read

DixonBaxi: 6 steps to global success

We caught up with this creatively restless brand agency to talk about the process behind their epic productions.

5 min read

Hand lettering that’s a stroke of genius

We can’t get enough of fonts, and these letter-loving designers create their incredible works all by hand. Get ready for serifs that will make you swoon.

3 min read

Spotlight on: self-care

Working for yourself? Sure, it’s super rewarding – but it can make it hard to make time for...

2 min read

Spotlight on: networking

If it ever seems like networking events are awkward, it’s not just you. We all struggle...

2 min read