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99designs: the creative platform powered by designers

How the company helps talented designers over the globe connect and collaborate with clients who need custom design.

5 min read

5 ways to spring clean your business

Why do we clean in spring? We may never know––but might as well harness that energy. This spring, use that cleaning compulsion to make your office into tip-top shape.

3 min read

6 ways online selling has changed in the last 15 years

Remember when going online involved a modem, or worse, a dongle? We look back at all the ways life got easier for online sellers since the early 2000s.

3 min read

Monotype on the trends that could shape the future of fonts

What’s next for the future of fonts? Industry-leading typeface design company Monotype has some predictions.

3 min read

How Panopli created a global marketplace for artists

Selling your creative ideas doesn’t have to be difficult. Panopli helps creative people make money out of their designs without all the effort.

4 min read