October 11, 2016

5 ways to welcome new hires like a pro

Joining a new company can feel like the first day of school for new employees. They’re nervous, don’t know the Wi-Fi password, and have no idea where the bathroom is. As their employer, it’s your responsibility to make sure that their transitional process, also known as onboarding, is as easy as possible.

By bringing new employees on board thoughtfully, you demonstrate that your company truly cares about its employees. Handily, that also helps your employees care about your company! It’s part of what makes a great company culture—and it begins with onboarding.

1) Break out the binders

No doubt, your employee will have a lot of questions. However, they might not come up at the most convenient times. That’s why a binder, filled with helpful info about the office, is a crucial part of onboarding.

A killer binder for your company should include:

  • An office map, printed on a flyer, that highlights important locations like the kitchen, conference rooms, and the best vending machines
  • Postcards with images of people within their department, as well as some fun facts about them. This makes remembering names so much easier, and helps spark conversations between colleagues
  • A calendar marked with company outings and meetings. Gotta know when the office happy hour is!
  • A map of fun places in the area— comedy clubs, great restaurants, a date night bar
  • Your mission statement, printed on company letterhead
  • A personalized welcome letter.

2) Get your swag on

Nothing says welcome like customized gifts— so you’re gonna need to make it rain. Welcome your employee like the VIP they are with company T-shirts, letterheads, stickers, mugs, business cards— whatever communicates what your brand is all about.

Design focused brand? Throw in some items that show new employees that your company takes great design seriously.

3) Make introductions

One of the scariest parts of being the new person is making friends. Make this process a little easier for your recent hire by making some introductions.

First, ask the new hire to write a little about themselves, and send it to you before their first day. Depending on your company culture, have them give a selection of fun facts and a reason why they’re excited to be at the company. Then, before your new employee arrives, pass out name tags for everyone in your team, and send them their new teammate’s intro on company letterhead.

As a result, people will know to expect a different face, and the new hire’s bio can be a handy source of icebreakers. Plus, the awkward exchange of “What’s your name again?” can be avoided.

4) Post passwords

Hang flyers in the office wherever there might be some confusion about passwords or access codes. After all, the new guy can’t carry a binder everywhere. Handy information includes: Wi-Fi passwords, conference room logins, bathroom codes, and printer instructions.

Taking this preemptory step saves other people in your office from answering the same question a million times, and helps your new employee avoid being embarrassed about their lack of office knowledge. It’s a win-win!

Bonus: Post your brand manifesto big and bold in common areas too, so your company values are loud and clear.

5) Use your mentors

Nobody is ever too old for the buddy system. By pairing new hires with older mentors, you ensure a smoother transition into the company. After all, onboarding doesn’t end just because the first day is (finally) over. Mentors can answer your newbie’s questions as they settle in over the next few months, as well as introduce them to more people in the office.

This relationship is especially helpful if your new employee has recently moved into town, and is still forming their network of friends. A mentor can extend invitations to parties, suggest fun outings in the area, and recommend a good place to get a couch.

By following these steps, your new employees will feel welcome at your company, understand your culture, and know where the bathroom is. Onboarding complete.

Ready to get started on your company’s onboarding kit? Check out MOO Business Services.


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