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What fonts reveal about you: Type Tasting

MOO caught up with Sarah Hyndman of Type Tasting to uncover the astonishing power of typography — and to find out how it can express the personality behind your brand.

5 min read

Building a fashion brand with a conscience

Eco-friendly designers Halla Hákonardóttir and Helga Kjerúlf’s on sustainable fashion, recycled Cotton Business Cards and setting up a business with a friend.

5 min read

99designs: the creative platform powered by designers

How the company helps talented designers over the globe connect and collaborate with clients who need custom design.

5 min read

Monotype on the trends that could shape the future of fonts

What’s next for the future of fonts? Industry-leading typeface design company Monotype has some predictions.

3 min read

How Panopli created a global marketplace for artists

Selling your creative ideas doesn’t have to be difficult. Panopli helps creative people make money out of their designs without all the effort.

4 min read